Round 4 NOW OPEN!!

Retro Roses and Super Kids are now LIVE, yay! Strike off will be circulating to show off how awesome these prints truly are. Retro Roses will be available in cotton lycra as well as double brushed poly! Pretty cool, huh?
If you're looking for what to sew up with your pretty fabric, CLICK HERE for some inexpensive ideas under $20! If you're like me and feel to lost and confused over all the varieties of notions available for projects,check out this Workshop to see it it helps.
There will be a 15% hidden discount in this blog post foe those that actually read it, lol. If you haven't gotten any retail, those are ready to ship. The Retro and Super Kids Pre-Order will be open for 3 weeks effective Feb 17th to March 10th. The code is iRead. I am so excited for this round. 
I am also extremely excited to announce the retail line.., here you can buy ready-made items with my designs on them. Go over there and check those out too. You will be able to get items with this current round as well as items from previous rounds as well as original never seen before items designed by me :)
Here are some FREE classes for anything from kids clothing, sewing, knitting to woodworking and backing! Check those out! If you're interested in making or sketching your own patterns for better fitting of if you're like me and have an array of customer with equally array of body sizes, I have put together this wonderful list of CLASSES that can help you with sizing and things of that nature.
I wanted to take a moment to also share that one of my strike off seamstresses mentioned that after the sewed up her DBP, is made a hole in the bottom, so please beware of that. I cannot refund due to this is a common risk in DBP materials. 
As always.. thanks a ton for being awesome people and supporting my small venture. I hope to continue providing excellent fabric designs as well as other products!

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