Announcing PK's 1st Big Giveaway..

Quick News
Retail has been moved back to
Due to Chinese New Year Jan 28th, my original closing date for High Garden was 21st, But I will push that back to Feb 1st since my printer will not be available sooner. This will give you extra time to enter into the Big Giveaway worth over $75!
About the giveaway.. All orders including the recent retails and ongoing pre-orders will be included in this giveaway.
I am currently putting together a very nice Thank You gift Pack for one lucky somebody. I have not procured everything I want to put in it but I know it will be at least a value of $75 including a nice Gift Card from Amazon.. 
The entries will be compiled from ALL orders from Dec 28th to February 1st! Each order gets an entry and orders over $100 gets 2 entries.
Once I have finished procuring my prize pack, I will upload photos of that and show you! Thanks for being the most awesomeness people on the planet!
Janelle <3
Bonus Entries: Post and screenshot Pics of outfits you've made with Poppy Kettle Fabric. I will enter you as well! (seamstresses not included in this bonus)

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