3k Giveaway Celebration!! $600 in CASH and PRIZES

Hello friends and thank you so much for celebrating our fast approaching 3,000 membership status!! Woot Woot! Hooray!!
Poppy Kettle Textiles was started because I needed to find some quality fabric for myself and for my customers. I had been looking for prints that were womanlike because the bulk of my clientele are women who like custom made outfit for events and things. We started back in August and it's been one hell of a joyride since then. There has been highs and lows but such is the process of starting a new business, right? I am glad that the group has come this far. I will celebrate even more once we clock our 1 year anniversary in August. 
We have now reached 3,000 members (well almost) and I couldn't be happier. To celebrate, Poppy Kettle Textiles and some other generous and amazing groups has agreed to partner with and sponsor our celebration.
Win free fabric and cash!! Win Patterns!
With their generous sponsorship, I am proud to announce that we have a total prize pool worth $600! OMG that's $600 in cash, fabric, patterns and custom made goodies! There will be a total of 24 PRIZES to give away to 24 lucky winners! That is Truly Amazing guys, lol. ENTRIES CLOSE 3/20/17. I am so humbled and honored by the support we have received. 
In order to be entered into the drawings, you do have to do some tasks. Please join every group that has sponsored us. Prizes will not be given to those that did not join the groups, it's only fair. We do check and for those that won but were not a member of the corresponding group, you will be skipped and the prize will go to someone else. After you have joined the groups or liked the pages, please double back here and comment "I'm in" in the comment section of this article.
Thank you so much and good luck!
Win free fabric, patterns and cash
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  • Alexandra Harman

    I’m in!

  • Harmonie Friday-Scofield

    I’m in!!!!!!

  • Sarah Atkins (Smith)

    I’m in x

  • Leah Farling

    I’M IN!!!

  • Lisa Weeks

    I’m In!

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